Weddings and Recommitment Celebrations

sailboat weddingI love working with and supporting couples in designing and facilitating personal and heart-felt weddings and recommitment celebrations. 

My practice is to meet several times with the wedding couple to prepare for married life and for the wedding ceremony. We use this time to define their values and find ways to express the unique qualities of their relationship and cultures in the ceremony. As the wedding celebrant, I provide alternative structures, readings, and rituals from which to choose — or together, we can create an entirely new structure.

Most importantly, the final creation of the ceremony will reflect the unique personalities of the couple and will communicate to their guests what they wish to say. Ultimately, we create the structure and content of the ceremony based on their wishes.

The weddings and recommitment ceremonies I celebrate range from traditional to more humanistic and secular. Because of my training and ordination, I am quite comfortable woWedding Couple on Stone Stairwayrking with Christians. However, my ministry is increasingly inter-denominational and ecumenical in character.

We also pay special attention to the wedding location that has been chosen and fashion the words and rituals to reflect the meaning of this venue to the couple.  

If you would like to explore the possibility of creating a meaningful wedding ceremony, with the guidance of an experienced wedding officiant, please contact me.