Funerals and Memorial Services

I work with and support bereaved families in designing and facilitating personal and heart-felt services to celebrate the life of their beloved. 

Whenever possible, my practice as funeral officiant is to meet with the family of the departed to offer comfort as appropriate and to prepare for the funeral or memorial service. We use this time to define their values and to find ways to express the unique qualities of their relationship to the beloved. I provide alternative structures, readings, and rituals from which to choose or together we can create an entirely new structure.

Most importantly, the final creation of the service will reflect the unique personalities of the departed, their family and culture. Family members participate in the construction of the service if they desire. Ultimately, I create the structure and content based on their wishes.

The funerals and memorial services I officiate range from traditional to more humanistic and secular. Because of my training and ordination, I am quite comfortable working with Christians. However, my ministry is increasingly inter-denominational and ecumenical in character.

If you care to work together to create a meaningful funeral or memorial service which encourages a sense of presence and awareness, please contact me.