Christenings and Welcoming Ceremonies

Mother, Father and infantCeremonies that celebrate and welcome new life recognize an infant’s natural state of grace and welcome it to life with its parents, family, and community. When such celebrations are based on awareness and express love and joy, the child and everyone present are truly blessed.

One of the most meaningful and amazing times in the life of a parent is the birth or adoption of a child, who must truly be a reflection of the divine. This time is often filled with excitement, joy, positive expectations, and a sense of our deepest and truest nature. At such times, I look forward to supporting parents in designing a ceremony to formally welcome the child into this world.

As christening celebrant, I meet with the parents to structure and design the ceremony, which can vary from traditional baptisms and christenings to more ecumenical or secular welcoming ceremonies. During this time, we pay special attention to the parents’ spiritual and cultural backgrounds, values, and desires. We also discuss the ceremony location and fashion the words and rituals to reflect the meaning of this venue.  

If you care to explore the possibility of our working together on a meaningful christening or welcoming ceremony which encourages a sense of presence and awareness, please contact me.